Wednesday, July 28, 2010

GDI Fast Track Team is the Best GDI Team Because It Knows Over 35 Ways To Generate profit with GDI

My name is William Stewart and I am a Team Leader on the Web Success
Group of the GDI Fast Track Team where we have found over 35 ways to make cash with Global Domains International,. First, I will tell you a bit about who we are. Most of us have joined GDI or other Network opportunities under some "gurus" system that promises the world but is generally lacking in helping the new person succeed. Normally they have some expensive system that THEY make money for you to
join but after weeks or months of paying for and promoting a generic affiliate page,the new person has lost money and have received few results. The guru is so busy marketing for THEMSELVES that they do not provide recruiting for their members and eventually people get disgusted and quit. The only person who makes any profits is the "guru"! We reject that model.
We cannot make guarantees like PowerPathGDI does because
that behavior is illegal according to the Federal Trade Commission
Ruling and Regulations distributed on Oct. 31,2009 which bars
extraordinary testimonials and mandates the advertisement of
average results achieved by the majority of members. I am
referring to :
FTC Guidelines as of Oct. 30,2009 . What I am referring to is what came into effect on October 2009 concerning the requirement to explain what an average participant would make and not the top performer, as in many ads that always
mention $9,330. That is not what the average participant
makes as a commission. Under the revised Guides, advertisements that feature a
consumer and convey his or her experience with a product or service as typical when
that is not the case will be required to clearly disclose the results that consumers can
generally expect. In contrast to the 1980 version of the Guides – which allowed
advertisers to describe unusual results in a testimonial as long as they included a
disclaimer such as “results not typical” – the revised Guides no longer contain this
safe harbor. PowerPathGDI makes this mistake many times over at .
Now I would like to play with some numbers. Go to the GDI Income Calculator
at .
Statistically,the average marketer recruits 2 people.
That's just a fact. So Plug "2" into "Number of People You May Recruit" AND Plug "2" into
"# of People they may refer". That would give you a monthly income of $62....hmmmmm...
.less than impressive. Now PLug 6 into both fields......$9,330 per MONTH! Now that is a liveable income
and is the goal for every single member of our group!
"Well,that is all fine and dandy,but how can that be accomplished?" By doing what few
(if any) marketers have done before. First of all we promote GDI using a system of collective
advertising where a Group of 6 or more people advertise for a single individual.
Each person uses 100 credits in each of 6 traffic exchanges per day for a total per day of
3600 credits or more all advertising for a single person. When that person gets 6 recruits
(which ususally takes about a week),he stops accepting new signups for himself and focuses
instead on signing up 6 for each of his 6. Ofcourse, the exact formula and instructions
remain confidential until you are an active part of our team.
Does it work? Absolutely! 36-248 traffic exchanges and 3600-16000
credits per day will result in 6 sign ups in a very short period
of time. Why do we only get 6? Go back up to the GDI Calculator
above and plug in 6 and 6 again. EACH member can make $9330 per
month by only having 6 on their front line, then helping those 6
get 6, and so on. And how long does it take? Currently it takes
approximately 8 weeks per level. That is approximately 40 weeks
or just over 9 months. What if it takes a year? Or 2 years? Would
you be willing to work cooperatively with 6-8 people for a
6-figure income?
But what makes the Web Success Group in GDI Fast Track Team so special is that we
do not have to rely only on Global Domains International commissions as income even with
GDI Premium included. We now have at least 40 other ways to make income
with GDI that most of all of the top expert internet marketers use.
We also use real one-way link techniques that are all natural
and white-hat, rather than having to pay for pay-per-click advertising. We have 24 blogs
in 15 different languages and at least 7 different natural seo tools to promote these with.
Our Team has qualified members for the GDI Leader Board and a
$100 Bonus! You could be next! There is NO CHARGE to be a
member of our Team! Your only expense is the $10 monthly GDI subscription,
unless you are interested in doing more With the growth
we are experiencing, you should be making more than that in 6-12 weeks and after that your
income will increase exponentially!

Already in GDI but going nowhere? Get back to me and I'll be
happy to send you the info on what others have done in your
situation. In the short term, GDI will allow you to sign up a
spouse. Their rules state "one account per individual"
If you are tired of "going it alone" and understand that you
help yourself by helping others,then email us back and let us
know you are ready to join with us and we will provide you with
the sign-up link for the person that is currently being promoted.

If you have more questions, email us at and we will gladly answer
them. We hope you will join with us and experience the over
35 ways to make money with GDI by signing up at GDI Fast Track Web Success Team!

To Your Success!
William H. Stewart on Facebook
The Web Success Guy

Monday, July 12, 2010

Important GDI Success Tips and Tools

We wanted to email and let you know about some tips and marketing tools that have helped many of our affiliates to build substantial organizations in Global Domains International, in hopes that you'll use them to develop your own marketing plan and a lifelong income. Please save this email in a place where you can refer back to it later.

If you're like 95% of network marketers, you make the actual promotion and explaining of GDI more difficult than it has to be. We're here to tell you that the GDI flash presentation works extremely well, but YOU are still a large part of the equation. After all, you have to get people to the movie in order for it to do its job. The key is to SHOW THE MOVIE to as many people as possible. Make it a natural thing for you to do. You don't have to fear rejection or worry about getting the presentation incorrect when you're letting the movie do the difficult part for you.

Here is the SIMPLE THREE STEP PROCESS to recruiting in this company
Gain a prospect's interest (we'll show you how in just a minute)
Capture the lead and SHOW THE MOVIE!
Follow up and follow through, by email and/or phone.
Step #1: The short sizzle call. Direct people in the Continental USA to 1.800.MY.DOT.WS and give them your username (websuccess4you). Or, if they are International, use 760-602-3030. Call this recording yourself now so you can get a feel for what it will do for you.

Step #2: Let our movies do the difficult work for you. Once someone has expressed interest in learning more about GDI, it's time to present the actual opportunity and our product. YOU don't have to do this! That's what our $250,000 flash presentation is for, and it works! Let it do the difficult work for you. We have designed a WebSite especially for this, and replicated it for you.

Send your prospect to WWW.MY.WS or WWW.FREEDOM.WS and have them enter your Global Domains International username (websuccess4you) as the access code.

Step #3: Follow-up and follow through! Now that you have let the system do the presenting for you and your prospects are informed about what our opportunity is and how it works, it is YOUR JOB to follow-up. Call your prospects and ask them what they thought of the movie. If your prospect was intrigued by the movie, which most will be, ALWAYS ask them if they are ready to join your business and try this free for a week. There is NO RISK TO THEM. Make this clear. All they have to do is visit your WebSite and click the free trial button, then choose a domain name to get started.

Marketing DVDs!If you are not yet familiar with the DVDs we have created to help you in marketing the GDI product, go visit right away to learn more about this excellent prospecting tool. DVD prospecting can be a truly rejection-proof way to explode your GDI organization into something that will provide a full time, lifelong income. The key to the whole DVD prospecting method is to be on the lookout for the prospects who display a genuine interest in the business AFTER watching the DVD, and only talk about the business one-on-one with THOSE prospects.

Let the DVD handle all the potential rejection for you.

Learn More About Our DVDs now!
Let the DVD do the selling, telling and explaining. If a prospect asks you "What is this about?" politely ask them to watch the presentation on the DVD first, and that you'll be glad to answer any remaining questions they have after they have done that.

Introduce yourself and be personable.
Tell the people you are giving DVDs to that you would like their opinion.
Write down contact information.
Schedule a specific date and time to pick up your DVD and talk with them about the opportunity.
When using DVDs, you're not experiencing rejection and you're not spending a lot of time explaining the business or our product, it will be easy for you to remain excited and energetic about GDI and the money you're making.

GDI Banners for Use on Your WebSiteIf you're building a WebSite using our SiteBuilder tool, or you already have an existing WebSite, you can put a GDI banner on your site to generate traffic to your affiliate page, and use it to generate leads and income. We have both flash and image type banners available for your use.

To get the banner code you'll need, first click the "Affiliates" link that you'll find on the left column of your GDI member's area. Then, click the "Banners" link. It will take you to a page that shows you examples of the banners you have to choose from. Choose the one you like the best and click "Show Me the Code". You will be given the "banner code" to use for that banner. Just highlight the code with your mouse, then right click and choose "copy" to copy the code so you can paste it into your web pages.

Banners can easily be pasted into your WebSites if you are using site builder, by using the function that allows you to add HTML content. The banner code is considered "html content". If you need assistance with this, please contact your sponsor or look to the GDI Forum at for assistance.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Recruit Like Lana wth GDI Matrix Buster and Red Ferrari GDI Capture Page


Would you know it.... I'm at the beach and
forgot my headset. Fooey! Yep, I'm at the
beach - Ft. Walton Beach in Florida - and
no tar balls in sight!

I know it's been a long time since we've had
our team training webinar.... due to my
family birthdays, anniversaries, holidays...

I've got some great news today...

I just discovered a brand new ingenious prospecting
system where you can:

1. Automatically promote YOUR primary business!

2. Get "Real-Time" leads sent to your inbox!

3. Earn multiple income streams with 100x less effort!

4. Build your ListJoe and FreeTrafficBar downlines on auto-pilot!

This is going to be huge!

Take a look here at the GDI Matrix Buster

To Your Success,
William Stewart III

P.S. To build your primary GDI business in 3 simple steps...Capture leads and Click here!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Recruit Like Lana and Will Stewart's Web Success & GDI Fast Track Teams

Recruit Like Lana and Will Stewart for Global Domains International with Aweber, MLMHitList,MLMPowerMarketing,Free-Leads and ListJoe

The Secret Is Out...

Stop Struggling to Build Your
Online Business...

You Are About To Learn The
Secrets That Most People Will NEVER
Know About How To Really Build a
Business Using the Internet on

Here's the honest
truth... most biz opps are terrible....
and if you aren't careful, they'll suck
your bank account dry quicker than a
Hoover vacuum cleans your living room
carpet. Forget home parties, passing out
fliers and giving away business cards like
they're free , cold-calling deadbeat leads
that are just looking for a J.O.B.....
the list could go on and on.

The only way you are going to get your cash
back and start winning is to start *cheating*...
by doing something totally different than
everyone else.

Greetings Fellow Marketer,

Hi, my name is Lana Robinson and I'd like to
warn you upfront that this system is 100x
than anything
you've seen before...people just
like William Stewart III
are using this system to get more
signups into any
primary business,and William was totally
blown away
after completing ALL
3 steps....

Let me
introduce to you William Stewart III, a former
struggling network marketer that isn't much
different than you.William spent years trying to
figure out how to make a decent income online,
and is so happy to have found this free system
that practically forces automatic, hands-off
enrollments into any primary business and free
advertising credits at the same time! This means
more money each and every month -
Success can be yours, too!

Revealed! How To Quickly And Easily Generate More
PaidSign-ups To YourPrimary Business
3 Simple Steps... Guaranteed!"

and works as described -

Makes online
marketing exciting again -
Wickedly Effective

3 blew me away!"

"Using This FREE
System Was
The Best Decision I've
Made All Year!"
William Stewart III

"It Doesn't Matter Where
You Live....
Anywhere Can Be
Successful With This....-

If You Live on the Moon!"

Gene Derieg

This New Cutting-Edge Prospecting System
is Like Nothing
You've Seen Before...

starts with unbeatable benefits such as:

1. Access
to a professionally designed lead capture page (this one!) that sends
leads to your inbox. Yes, *real-time* email leads so you can start
"Building Your OWN

($197 Value)

2. Ability
to quickly generate multiple income streams by promoting just one link!
($97 Value)
3. Automatically
promote YOUR
primary business to those you refer to this system! (Priceless!)
4. Automatically
build multiple income streams AND Your Primary Business
using one website - absolutely free

The only way you are going
to get your cash back
and start winning

is to start *cheating*...
by doing something totally different
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To get
started, fill out the form below and follow our proven 3 step formula
on the next page...

Yes William, Show me how
to get more sign-ups for my primary business and generate multiple
income streams on auto-pilot...

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System Enrolls Your
Prospects and Allows You To Make Money

get a page exactly
this one and a powerful 3-step money making system embedded with YOUR
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have a
new enrollment into whatever business you are promoting within 15
minutes or less!

Be The Last One On the Internet To Realize

The Extreme Viral Power of This FREE Online Recruiting System
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Alright, you twisted my arm William Show me how
to get more sign-ups for my primary business and generate multiple
income streams on auto-pilot...

Enter Details Below...

Primary Email:
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Get Social:

Me On Twitter

BetterNetworker LeadsLeap YouTube PeopleString!

2009 - All Rights Reserved.

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GDI Coop :

We will help you build your GDI downline! Already GDI Member?
You can have everything you want in life, as long as you are willing to help other people to get what they want.
That's the GDI Coop's Master Plan. Every member helps each other to build their GDI downline.
In order to benefit from our offer, you first need do be a GDI Member.
Click the button below to visit GDI's official registration site.
GDI Coop
Signup now for Free!
What is GDI Coop?

GDI COOP is a cooperative advertising system that uses the power of the whole group to promote your GDI business. GDI is a fantastic online internet business opportunity that has been generating a good income for its members since 1999. You have the opportunity to try it for 7 days for free.

( If you are already in Gdi click here )

Once you join, the whole team will advertise your business for free. We will add your GDI user name to our rotator (located in the header and footer of this page and on the "How it works" page.

Once you confirm your membership in GDI, you will then be in our downline team. We will help advertise your GDI business until you receive 6 - 1st level referrals. This will generate a profit of $6 per month for you.

Then we will stop advertising your GDI business and advertise your 6 - 1st level referrals GDI business. This will generate $36/month profit for you plus the $6 to total $42 per month.
We will continue to advertise your downline team member's GDI business down to the 5th level until you generate a monthly income of
$9 330 / month
Not sure ?
Try out the GDI Online Income Calculator
(Try with 6 and 6)
Not yet a GDI MEMBER? Sign up for free here then join us at GDI COOP!
Be a part of this incredible income opportunity!
GDI Coop